Tuesday, May 20, 2008


My sister, Michelle, taught me to read when I was four years old, and that is the best gift I have ever received, I think. What better way to escape from the stresses of daily life than through the pages of a good book? Forget television, give me Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Ken Follett, Jodi Picoult...and my latest favorite, Diane Gabaldon, the author of the Outlander series. A couple of my co-workers introduced me to this awesome set of books, and now I am re-reading them for the second time. If you love to read, you really should give it a try. Love it! It starts out in Scotland (explaining the photo above), but travels through France, the Caribbean, and finally the American colonies. There are even book clubs who plan trips to visit all the places described in the books! Wouldn't that be awesome? "Maybe someday", as Gabe would say :)

The only bad thing about getting lost in a good book: not getting anything else accomplished, other than watching the dishes, laundry and other housework pile up while you turn the pages. Still, one of my biggest goals with my kids is to turn them into lovers of reading. So far, so good. Our library's summer reading program starts the weekend after school is out, and both Elijah and Isabel can't wait to get started, asking if we can get signed up that very first day! And Gabe loves to be read to, especially books about bugs, dinosaurs and trains. Some of my favorite childhood memories revolve around going to the library with my dad...hope I'm creating some of those same memories for my babies.

Now, off to workout, then back to the world of Jamie and Claire Fraser!

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