Friday, March 18, 2011


I usually work two night shifts a week.

One of our fellow night shift supervisors took a day shift position in another department, so that leaves two of us to cover seven nights.

Against my will (although good for the paycheck), I have picked up extra these past few weeks.

Our department is small (only ten nursing supervisors), and we make our own schedules, allowing for switches if someone can't work a certain shift.

Why, then, am I working three nights in a row over a full moon weekend AGAIN this month?

I did it to myself; clearly, I need to consult the lunar calendar before I decide what shifts I am going to work...

That full moon over Cincinnati is bound to bring the crazies out in full force.  At least it will make for some good blog fodder, right?


Suzann said...

Well, you just ROCK. I could never be a nurse - never. I am in awe of most people who can. A few, I gotta admit, I think do it just to be mean. Not you of course. You could never be mean. Save the world this weekend!

Shannon said...


Well, maybe this will be the ONE NIGHT there's a full moon and the crazies actually DON'T come out.

A girl can dream, right? ;)

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Maybe te fact that it's a really big moon will somehow negate the whole trouble

mep said...

Maybe all the crazies will be at home watching basketball?! Yes, I know they will. You will survive and thrive!

E... said...

I saw that extra big "super" moon when we were driving home from my parents' tonight. Totally thought of you as I pointed it out to the kids.

CaraBee said...

Sooo... How was it?