Monday, October 8, 2007

Global warming

Okay, so it's days like this that make you believe in global warming. My thermometer on my deck says it's 99 degrees...isn't it October 8th today? It looks like we're in for a reprieve after tomorrow, and it can't come soon enough. I just hope we get a little bit of fall weather before the cold hits. Although right now, even 30 degrees sounds great!

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Elijah had his first flag football game this Saturday, and they won! The YMCA league doesn't officially keep score, but you know those boys do. They scored three touchdowns, and the other team didn't, and that's how you know. It was fun to watch, although Gabe yelled at me to stop screaming in his ear (I get a little excited, I can't help it). Kid sports are so entertaining, when it's your kid out there on the field. Maybe we have a future Carson Palmer on our hands :)

Does anyone out there know a good family physician located in Lebanon? We are in the process of changing insurance (oh, goodie), and I would like to find someone closer than Cincinnati. I still have my pediatrician, so it's really just for Joe and me. Post a comment or email me, if you know of anyone. Thanks!

Have a great day! Talk to you soon!

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