Thursday, March 8, 2012

Me, today.

I finished my BSN program on Tuesday (there's not an exclamation point big enough to end that sentence).

On Wednesday, I walked two miles with Kay, did another mile on the elliptical, sweated through 45 minutes of Muscle Max class at the YMCA, then showered and headed to the salon, where I lost at least a pound of hair.

Today, it took less than 12 minutes to do my 'do.  Which leaves me lots of time to do, well, whatever my heart desires.  Read, scrapbook, play with my camera, dream about my garden,  (laundry/cook/clean)...anything but school work.

Today, I feel free.  And I love it!

How are you feeling today?


brainella said...

Love that cut! And congratulations. It's wonderful you are done. Yay!

I cut all my hair off a couple weeks ago too. I love the freedom. I'm going to keep it for a while. :)

Rebecca Jo said...

Look at how SASSY you look!!!! :) Super cute!! When I sit & have to straighten my hair for 20 minutes, I think about the ease of short hair!

Look at you go with the working out too! You're rockin' it lady!

Jamie said...

Love the new look!!! Love that you are done!! Congrats! Congrats! Congrats!!

Stacia said...

BSN? Woot, woot! Super-cute 'do? Woot, woot! Free time? Woot, woot! All this makes me vicariously ecstatic. =>

mep said...

Okay, it's been a month! I assume your are still loving your awesome hair and still REVELING in your accomplishment and free time. Sad that it didn't work out for us to meet up, but we'll try again this summer!