Sunday, February 5, 2012


Warm sunshine on a winter day in February.

Hot running water and good smelling soap.

A table laden with delicious snacks for Superbowl Sunday.

Health.  My own, my kids', my husband's.

A house that we have made a home.  A home where our children and their friends love to hang out.

A solid marriage.

One more month until I am finished with school.

More good friends than a girl could ask for.

Sisters.  Amazing, smart, talented and loving sisters.

A challenging job that pays well and still allows me to be what I most want to be:  a mom.

The internet.  The connections that it allows, between friends and family and even complete strangers who become friends.  Love that.

Some days are easier than others to count your blessings.  Today was an easy day...I could probably add another hundred things that I am thankful for.  I want to save this list for those hard days, when what I don't have tries to beat down what I do have while in an ungrateful state of mind.  (Luckily, those days don't come very often.)

What are you most thankful for today?  What do you do when those ungrateful days come along?  Does sunshine in February make you smile?


Jamie said...

Sunshine in February for sure makes me smile - you are so right some days it is easy to be thankful and other days not so much - today I am thankful that most days it is easy to be thankful!!!! :)

Ginger said...

Writing poetry of your own I see. It's a lovely post, and I enjoyed it.

Stacia said...

Sunshine in February. Yes! And bloggy friends like you. Double yes! =>

Jenny Meyerson said...

Love this Heather. Today I'm thankful for internet connections and friends, including you. I'm thankful for my health and family. As far as sunshine in February, well I live in Phoenix. So we never seem to hurt for sun.
But when it is 120 degrees this summer, I will have to pull out my grateful list! Summers here can make me a tad grumpy.
And looking and printing out pictures always makes me feel grateful and helps pull me out of my pity party.
Great post Heather.

mep said...

"complete strangers who become friends" -- YEP!!!!

E... said...

Thankful for you, friend! Hope to see you soon!