Sunday, November 6, 2011

Spelling Bee and a Sweet Sis

Early in October, my sister and I loaded up our kids and drove east to "Old West Fest" in Williamsburg, Ohio.  It was a cute little town all done up in Western themed attire, complete with a shoot out in the street, a jail for the "bad guys", a medicine show, a magic show, and an old-fashioned spelling bee in the one-room schoolhouse/church.

My nieces were too shy to enter the spelling bee, but Isabel and Gabe clambered onto that platform and gave it their best shot.  Gabe got out on the first word (he was off by one letter, poor guy), but Isabel hung in til the end.

She won with the word "medicine".  (I've taught her well, eh?)

The "teacher" presented Isabel with the choice of two prizes:  a girlie pair of boot spurs or a cool rifle that made sounds when the trigger was pulled.  She chose the rifle.

Then walked right down those steps and handed it to Gabe, without a second thought.

He was so excited, she was glad to make him happy, and I had tears in my eyes at her generosity and innate kindness.

I don't know how I deserve to be this blessed, but I am.  My daughter is beautiful, inside and out, and I love watching the amazing woman she is going to be unfold before my very eyes.


Shelley said...

She's got a great role model in you, Mom. Hope y'all have a great week.

Rebecca Jo said...

OK... how can a simple story bring tears to my eyes... guess because its not so simple, huh? What a sweet soul your kiddos have... & smart brain too!! :) Did she laugh when she got "medicine" for a word?.... & I totally just double checked I spelled that right... dont want Isabel laughing at me :)

mep said...

Love this story! Hope my kids grow up as sweet as yours.

heathersister said...

I haven't visited your blog in a while. Now I know why. I am still crying. Sweet Isabel.