Monday, January 3, 2011

Please, Mom and Dad...

This kid came home with papers about the 8th grade Washington, D.C. trip in the fall.

This kid, who doesn't ever like to spend the night away from home, has decided that he really wants to go.

There is a parent meeting this Saturday.

Is it crazy that I am actually considering letting my firstborn get on a bus and drive to the capital, without me?

I went to Washington on a school trip, and I still remember it (19) years later.  It was an amazing experience.  One I want him to have the opportunity to experience as well.

But seriously, am I crazy?  It's so hard to let go.  How on earth can I have a kid this age already?

Would you let your firstborn go?  Have you ever gone?  Do you struggle with being overprotective?


mep said...

The answer is clear: sign up to chaperone!!!!!

brainella said...

I only have the one kid so he's doomed, I think. :) If I can't keep it together when he leaves on the bus the first day of school, however am I going to let him GO AWAY for an entire weekend? ACK!

Yeah -- he definitely should go. Washington is such an amazing place, and he will have so much fun. :)

myfluffybunnies said...

I would let him go. And send him off with a smile. And cry the whole time he was gone.

Man, they grow up fast.

Rebecca Jo said...

I'm sure he'll be just fine... but I like Mep's advice - go as a chaperone!!! Even if you cant - I'm sure there will be wonderful people there that will watch your son. What a memory making moment for him! I never have been to Washington DC but hear all the time of schools taking kiddos - & it sounds WONDERFUL! What a time for your son to see what a young man he's growing into... a little independence. Cant be a bad thing - right?

We'll sulk with you the whole time he's gone!

Angie's Spot said...

It will be SO HARD putting him on that bus, but you know that he'll love that trip! And what a great experience to have at that age.

I still can't believe that my parents put me on a plane to Mexico with 8 other girls and 2 adult chaperones when I was in the 9th grade. Boy, do I have stories from that trip! BTW, DC is a much better idea than Mexico. LOL!

Melissa said...

My son has one foot out the door already. He is my go getter. I would definitely want to chaperone, though. Washington is so big and scary! I'm no help, I know. Sorry.

Suzann said...

I am crazy over-protective.
Next year will come Caitlyn's desire to go on her Senior class trip. No, she will not be allowed to go. She is also not allowed to go away to school right away. I watch too much news and have too many fears.
If he wants to go that badly, perhaps you could go along and be a chaperone? But, don't let my fears stop you for letting him go. Really. Don't.

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Girl you just got to "let go"!

Take it from me, it is NEVER going to be easy no matter how old they are! I cried all Christmas day 'cause I didn't get to talk with Meg or share Christmas with her...she was living it up in Belgium!

It's OK to be protective, but don't be overly so....give them room to stretch and breathe and become the young adult they are bound to become.

It'll be alright, momma! Let him go and experience this!!!

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Oh I guess I should have told you that Tori went to SPace Camp in the 5th grade for 4 days...without me...and Meg went to New York in the 10th know where she is now.