Thursday, February 11, 2010

Littlest Lost Fan

Until this year, the minute the white letters on the black screen would appear, my kids would run screaming from the living room in fright. They refused to watch "Lost", saying it was too scary. (This was fine with me; I could watch my beloved show in peace, my Mike's Hard Lemonade and homemade popcorn at my side.)

Now the three of them are older, braver, and are as addicted to Lost as I am. Gabe knows the characters by name, loves John Locke the best, and has even started to make Lost scrapbook pages.

He is his mother's son.

Wanna see?

On Netflix, I have started watching all the episodes from the beginning, with Gabe at my side. He turned this scene:

into this:

(The yellow thing on the lower left-hand side is the airplane, crashing onto the island. I didn't know there was an active volcano there, but obviously Gabe thinks so. See the black dot in the middle at the top? That's the hatch. And down at the bottom? That's a dinosaur, like the polar bear or the Smoke Monster.)

He included palm trees and even figured out to make the mountains and trees stand up on the page. This project took hours! He worked on it while I finished up my Disney album.

I love it!

What about your house? Any little Lost fans there?


brainella said...

We started watching Lost a few weeks ago with Season 1, Disc 1. We are now on disc 4. John Locke is my favorite character too. Gabe has good taste. Though I'm still trying to figure out why some of these characters are acting so odd. Only time will tell, I guess.

His album is project. Very cool!

CaraBee said...

Genius! You have an artiste!

Right now it's just Neil and I watching Lost. I suspect the subtleties would be lost (ha) on a two year old. And in fact, might be kind of scary at times. It will just have to be something that I introduce to her when she is older.

Shannon said...

Gabe is my most favorite little boy in the whole world. He rocks.

I'm the only one in this household who watches this show. Shane has even proclaimed it to be "rubbish". I'm pretty sure he just said it to get a rise out of me, though.

It worked.

Rebecca Jo said...

That is HILARIOUS!!! And kinda genuis that he put that much work in this project!!! I'm impressed!!!

Oh mercy - I love LOST!!!! Dont tell me my dear-crazed-killer-with-a-heart Sayid is going to turn all nuts now... sigh...

Brandy said...

No Lost fans in my house. It was one tv bandwagon I never jumped on, although I have been tempted.

How cute is it that he made them 'pop-up'?!

Arizona Mamma said...

You so didn't have to explain that it was an airplane...I could see it right off. I am very impressed at his artistic ability!!

Kat said...

That is so cool that the kids watch with you! We watched all five seasons of LOST in January to get Katie caught up before Feb 2nd. It really is fun to watch with her. Michael for some reason is totally not interested.

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

LOVE his pictures!!!

We are HUGE LOST fans!!!

I'm so sad this is the last season.

Katy said...

Tell Gabe is a very good scrap book maker! I'm impressed!

I am a Hero's fan - i watched the first season of Lost but it started getting later and later here and i couldn't keep up!

Suzann said...

No one here has ever seen it.

But, Gabe is awesome!

Angela said...

So cute! I do not watch Lost, only because my TV time is pretty limited these days (and when we do watch it's usually hubby's choice while I play on the laptop, surfing or blogging). But I hear it is an awesome show!