Friday, February 26, 2010

Half-full or half-empty?

When my phone rang fifteen minutes after Joe left for work this morning, I had an immediate "oh-no" feeling in my gut.

Sure enough, he was calling to tell me he had wrecked his truck.  Snow had drifted onto the road from a cornfield, masking the ice beneath, causing him to slide into a ditch.  There was no way to get him out without a towtruck, so seventy-five bucks and an hour later, he was back on his way to the school.

(Of course, I brought my camera.  What kind of a blogger do you think I am?)

What you can't see is the telephone pole that he missed by two feet.

What you don't know is that no other cars were involved.

Joe forgot his cell phone, but amazingly enough, a man just happened to be driving by right after the accident, and gave Joe a ride to school.  (Not only did he forget his cell, but also his coat and gloves.  That would've made for a very cold walk to the nearest house.)

When the tow truck pulled him out, there was no visible damage to the truck and he was able to drive away without a problem.  The airbag did not deploy, and Joe wasn't hurt at all.

He even happened to have the $75 in cash in his wallet.

On the half-empty side of things, this sucked.  $75 down the tube.  Joe late to school and stressed to the max.  My morning disrupted, muscle max class missed.

But how miraculous is the half-full side?  No other cars were involved, Joe didn't have a scratch on him (and neither did the truck), he had the cash to pay for the tow and was still able to make it to work.  Considerate passersby were there to give Joe a hand when he needed it, and a friendly co-worker gave him a ride home so we could arrange for the tow.

Clearly, I am choosing to look at the half-full side.  I have been praising God all day for having His hand on Joe this morning.  When I took this picture and saw the might-have-been scenarios playing out in my mind, it made me physically ill.

Thank you, God, for keeping Joe safe, and for always taking care of us, whether we notice it or not.  Amen.


Rebecca Jo said...

Its so easy to look at these sorta things & see nothing but the half-empty side... but good for you for finding so many good things! With the BEST being Joe was safe!!!! Thank you Lord!!! In the end, that's worth way more then $75...

Kat said...

Things can be rather amazing when you look at the full side of things. I tend to still make myself crazed by thinking about the mighta-beens. I wish I could stop doing that and just focus on the positive!

I am so glad all turned out well! (and who ever has that much cash on them?! :-)

brainella said...

Thank the Lord for the half-full. I'm glad he's safe.

Shelley said...

Accidents are always so frightening to me, even the ones I'm not in. Thank God that your family is intact and safe. I'm glad your a half-full kind of gal.

mama's smitten said...

Very glad to hear all is okay. I really TRY to be a Half full kind of person. Sometimes I forget. Amen to your post!

mama's smitten said...

Hey me agian ! Ya know this post actually came a great time ! I think I needed it more than I actually thought! Thank you:)

Suzann said...

WOW. That IS scary. You're absolutely right (of course) bringing a camera to the accident was the BEST blogging idea. (Just Kidding!!)
Praising God for his awesomeness and being thankful for how well it all turned out is the best way to handle it.

Arizona Mamma said...

I like your point of view. Awesome way to see things!

CaraBee said...

First off, what was Joe doing out in THAT weather without a coat. Tsk tsk.

Compared to the what-ifs, $75 is a small price to pay indeed. So glad that he and the truck are okay.

mep said...

Love this post. I try to be a half-full kind of girl myself and it's good to be reminded to be grateful.

Hope the truck is okay.

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Praise God, indeed! It could have been so much worse! Glad he is OK!