Sunday, February 21, 2010


I know part of it is the weather.

No sunshine, too much snow, dreary skies and even drearier forecasts.

Another part of it is PMS.  Or just plain MS, as the case may be.

I started the day feeling hopeful and organized, clipping my coupons and saving a bunch of money at the grocery.  By afternoon, I was headache-y and tired, but still okay.

By seven pm, I had officially crossed the line from a little crabby to just plain bitchy.  Even the dog is getting on my nerves.  Downloading songs and making a new running playlist for my iPod took hours, which made me even crankier.

I need chocolate and I need it now!

And a little sunshine, too, if anybody could spare it...


Thank God tomorrow is a brand new day.  I'm gonna go eat a cookie, then run it off tomorrow while listening to my new tunes.  Surely tomorrow will be better, right?


CaraBee said...

Girl, you know I am going through the same thing. This week just seems to be a bad one for everyone. What is the deal?

Here's the best part. Enough to send me into a cursing frenzy. They're calling for snow/sleet/rain tomorrow. Fark.

brainella said...

If I sign "The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow" will you hate me forever? :-)

Sometimes a bad day is a bad day. Start over tomorrow. If it is still bad, try again on Tuesday. Chocolate is your friend. Go with it!

Rebecca Jo said...

I know that women who work together get on the same "cycles"... can bloggy buddies do the same thing? :) Because girl, I have spent the whole day crying & emotional... they need PMS retreats where women can go for a few days to get away from everyone!!! We'd be millionaires if we started one!!!

Suzann said...

We NEED sunshine.
Now, make my day and share some of those new tunes - I am needing some new songs to rock to at the gym.

Shelley said...

I don't want to tell you how beautiful the weather was here today, because you will hate me and say mean things cause you're all PMSing.
Tomorrow is another day and girl, you deserve that cookie, so enjoy it.

Jen said...

I totally here you on this. I have been feeling that same way.

Susie said...

Sometimes, the best thing you can say about a bad day is that they are over:-)

Kat said...

There is a lot to be said for the curative powers of the cookie. I know there are also a lot of powers in chocolate cake. Especially the one that I made yesterday :-)

mama's smitten said...

Eating cookies to get through the day is not so bad! Here's to tomorrow! A chance to start all over!