Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A tradition and my sister.

During the hustle and bustle that was December, I completely forgot to post these pictures. And now that we are smack in the middle of my least favorite month of the year, I am ready to dig out some of those pics and post them.

When I was a kid, my grandpa would bake a gazillion Spritz cookies as gifts for the family. I loved them. We all did. Flour, butter and sprinkles were the main ingredients; really, what more do you need?

My grandpa died when I was thirteen. But now, Michelle and I carry on the tradition of baking Spritz cookies for Christmas (a bit easier thanks to her electric cookie press!).

On our Christmas-cookie-baking-marathon-day, we made all sorts of cookies. For ourselves and our families. For friends and neighbors. For co-workers and teachers. I found a great deal on these jelly jars this past fall, and they worked out great for gifts!

I'm so glad Michelle and I have this tradition. With her kids being teenagers, and mine being so much younger; with the both of us working and driving kids to events and trying to maintain our households; we don't get to see each other near enough. We text, and email, and talk on the phone. We see New Moon together (twice!), and talk about books we've read and loved (Catching Fire). She asks me for medical advice/information, which I never charge her for :)

In short, I love my sister. And I'm so blessed to have her in my life. And even if we only see each other once in a while, I know she's there for me, and she knows the same.

Now if I could only get her back into blogging...

(Don't you just love how Gabe jumps into a picture at the last second? That kid, I swear!)


Rebecca Jo said...

I love when people do their cookie traditions during the Holidays... they all look so yummy! I've never seen Spritz cookies though - interesting!!!!

That's too funny with Gabe popping up!!!! :)

Jen said...

what a great tradition to share together.

Lula! said...

look at y'all. I miss Phoebe.

p.s. Those glass jars were ADORABLE.

Melissa said...

You and your sister are so crafty! I love fun traditions! I developed a few new ones this year! Peanut butter balls are definitely going to be a future Christmas tradition!

Shelley said...

Yummy looking cookies there. I love your sister too. (Now will she bake me some cookies?) LOL. It's nice to have someone like that in your life.

Brandy said...

I love spritz cookies but I do not love my electric cookie thang. I much prefer the manual one I have. Idk why...I'm just weird that way.

I talk to my sisters a few times a week with texting in between but you're right, it's nothing like being able to hang out. :}

brainella said...

I know nothing of Spritz cookies. This post makes me miss my sister. :)

heathersister said...

I had a great day!

Love doing anything with you.

I still have two cookies left.

Suzann said...

Gabe is awesome! I hope he never ever loses that spark!!!
How blessed you are. I have longed to have a sister to bake with.
Looks yummy!! We love spritz cookies here too.

ChicagoLady said...

Those Spritz cookies look yummy! And all the goodies in the jelly jars, what unique and considerate gifts for all your chocaholic friends.

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

What a wonderful tradition!!! I think its awesome that you two carry on the tradition....your children will do the same I'm sure.

Love the idea of the mason jars!!

HELLO Michelle!!! Hope all is going well with you!

CaraBee said...

I wish my sister lived close enough that we could do something like that. Sadly, she's a continent away. Sigh.

I love the cookies in jars idea. I may just be stealing that next year.

And now I want cookies.