Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Calling it quits

Dear Mr. Headache,

You have plagued me since elementary school, second grade to be exact.

At first it was because my vision was impaired. I got glasses. (I hated them). I wouldn't wear them. Fine, those headaches were a result of my vanity and I guess I deserved them. They still sucked. Whatever.

Then puberty struck. Every single month, you would bring me a headache on a silver platter to herald Aunt Flo's impending arrival. Not even Pamprin or Midol would make a dent on those suckers; Excedrin and a cold face mask became my best friends.

Fast forward to the 27 months I spent pregnant, subject to daily doses of hormones and headaches, WITHOUT being able to take anything stronger than a freakin' Tylenol. Those were some good times, I tell you.

Now, I have to admit, sometimes a headache comes well-deserved. Like after a night of ten pomegranate martinis, mixed with a few margaritas. Or anytime gin is involved. When I know a headache is inevitable and yet I still imbibe, I totally deserve the pain you inflict. Fine.

But now, really? My vision is perfect (thank you, the miracle that is Lasik). I am done with my pregnancy days. I can look at my calendar and see exactly when Aunt Flo is due to visit; I don't need you to prepare me. And I really don't drink all that often. My liver could use a break from all that Excedrin, and my children would love a mommy who isn't hushing them every five minutes because she "has a bad headache".

Please take this plea of mine into consideration. You have been with me for far too long; it's time to call this relationship quits.

Thanks so much,



Rebecca Jo said...

from one headache sufferer to another... I would like to add my name to that letter! :)

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Bring that headache over here and I'll kick the you-know-what out of it... m kay?

Lula! said...

Dr. Litton says you need to be on drugs.

Well, clearly...

But seriously...a daily drug to prevent the pounding headache, I mean. Let's look into this, shall we?

Angie's Spot said...

Bless your heart. I hope Mr. Headache finally takes the hint and gets out of your life for good. :-)

Jen said...

that totally sucks. Work with Dr. Litton maybe there is something out there for you.

Charisse and Holly said...

Feel for you. My sister suffers every month (for 20 years) with migraines associated with her cycle. Knocks her out for a week. Horrible! I get a little one here and there. Rarely need meds for it, but they suck...you are right! Praying for your sweet little head:) Holly at lifelaughlatte.blogspot.com

heathersister said...

Sorry! Wonder where you got that gene?

CaraBee said...

I feel your pain. I used to get headaches something fierce. Not so much anymore, though. Mercifully.

For your own sanity, get thee to the doctor about these headaches, pronto!

Shannon said...

Headaches... especially tension ones and migraines... SUCK.

I'm glad I finally got myself to the doctor a few months ago regarding my migraines. I now take 400 mgs of vitamin B2 daily... it seems to help keep the migraines at bay. And I got some migraine meds that work pretty well, too!