Thursday, August 20, 2009

Say it ain't so!

Yes, kids, I'm sorry to tell you, but the end is near.

All good things must come to an end.

Every beginning has an end.

Any more cliches you can think of? 'Cause I'm fresh out.

Anyway, we spent one last summer vacation day having nothing but fun. It was our last big hurrah before school, and it was a blast.

First, we went to King's Island. I made the kids pose a lot. I usually leave my camera at home so I can just focus on having fun, but today I wanted to capture exactly why we love this park so much.

We love the Eiffel Tower-wannabe, with its fountains and beautiful landscaping all around...

We love riding roller coasters together and letting Gabe stay in the locked area, taking pictures to his heart's content. We especially love when there's no line to get on our favorite rides!

We love "make your own Icee's", especially cherry and coke and sprite flavors.

(I love that the kids still let me coordinate their outfits to make for a good scrapbook page.)

After a day at KI, we ran home and grilled out some yummy pork chops, then headed out to the Southwest Golf Ranch.

Elijah's golf club was almost as big as him...

And even though it rained for the first fifteen minutes, we still had an awesome time. One of the best parts was hearing Gabe shout, "Not the bunker! Watch out for the rough!". The fact that he knows golf terms was cracking us all up!

We've been wanting to try a newer ice cream shoppe in town, so when the rain moved in again, we headed over to Whit's Custard and dug in. (Gabe was d-u-n getting his picture taken by this point.)

Tired and soaking wet after an action-packed-day...

We have been blessed this summer to be able to spend so much time together.

I have to tell you a little secret, though.

I'm ready for a tiny break from all that togetherness. And so are the kids.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that. (One last cliche for the road...)


Suzann @ The Olive Cottage said...

OMG - we are too much alike. I entitled MY post the exact same thing!!! I'm a-scared.

brainella said...

How fun! How exhausting. :-)

Jen said...

What a great place. I am glad that you got out for the one last fun time. Good luck with the start of school.

Hey is Gabe doing kindergarten this year or young 5's?

CaraBee said...

When the page first opened up, I saw the Eiffel Tower picture and I was like WHAAA? When did they go to Paris? Tricky.

What a fun day! I can't wait until Sophie is old enough to take to amusement parks.

Rebecca Jo said...

That's an action packed closing of summer right there!!!

I love the kids sucking on their ICEE's... it gave me a brain freeze just looking at it! :)

Oh well - summer will be back before you know it!

Melissa said...

You are such a good mommy coordinating outfits and all. My girls are just too dern picky for that. They are usually already dressed by the time I'm up, for the simple fact that they don't want me to pick out their clothes.

School starts for us?.......Tuesday! I'm actually working at the school this year, which is so much better for my sanity than staying at home with fighting youngins'.

Sorry for the long comment. I should have just emailed you.

By the way, I'm on my last week of Esther!!! It's been so good.

Shannon said...


Roller coasters are my favorite. My girls are asking when we're going back to Disney World...

ChicagoLady said...

What an awesome day you had, and the memories will last forever. Look back at these pictures when winter has set in and you all have cabin fever. You'll start planning all the fun you'll have next summer.