Thursday, August 27, 2009


Dear Gabriel,

Six years ago, the thought of you had not even entered my mind. (You were a blessed surprise, our "bonus baby", an answered prayer for a little girl who wanted more than anything to be a big sister and a mommy who was suffering from a severe case of baby fever!)

Five years ago today, you came into this world. Your birth was everything I had hoped for. You were welcomed by many loving arms, but none more than mine (and maybe Isabel's).

You were clearly the baby of the family, spoiled with love and attention by all of us.

You were the happiest baby ever, always laughing and smiling, rarely crying unless there was a need. Your first birthday arrived before we knew it, and we celebrated with a big family party.

Then you turned two, and the trouble began...

You were the busiest toddler I had ever seen. Thank God you were so freakin' cute; it saved your life many times!

By the time you turned three, you had definite likes and dislikes. The biggest "like": Hot Wheels!

Somehow we all survived your year of terrible three's, and then you were four...

A precocious preschooler, making friends and attracting attention wherever you went. Your love of Hot Wheels continued, along with dinosaurs and Thomas the Tank. Your exuberance and zest for life inspires all of us!

And now you're five. "Taller enough" for lots of rides at King's Island. Able to sit still long enough to color three Superman pictures for your mommy. Loving to "scrapbook" with me in my craft room for hours on end (I love these times!).

You may not have been in our original plan, but you were always in God's plan. You have so much love for all of us, and you have given us the opportunity to have a "baby" of the family, one that each of us could spoil and love.

Happy Birthday, Gabe! We love you, buddy!



Jen said...


What a sweet tribute, Heather. I hope he has a great day.

Melissa said...

What a great post!!!! Happy Birthday Gabe!!!!! I hope your day was super special!!!! You deserve it!
I loved seeing the progression! He just has those eyes! He is such a precious boy, Heather! You are blessed.

The Wife O Riley said...

That is a beautiful tribute to a lucky little boy!


Suzann @ The Olive Cottage said...

I hope Gabe had an awesome day.
His face looks the same now as it did when he was a baby. How cool is that!?

Rebecca Jo said...

OH MY... what a beautiful baby he was! Was he BLOND? I love the picture of him looking at his daddy & them smiling! Such an adorable son!!!

Happy Birthday to that Handome Gabe!!!

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Happy Birthday, Gabe!!!!

Oh my goodness, his skin is the best! What a beautiful olive complexion!!! Even as a baby! He had blond hair??

This was a precious post!! Hope his party is spectacular today!!!