Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Kids in PJ's

There is something so sweet about kids in pajamas, especially when they're fresh from the bath and all lotioned up and smelling good. I love this time of the evening, after a hard day of playing outside, when we're all in for the night and ready to settle down. Baths, snacks, a cartoon, a story and a prayer, nightlights and white noise on...goodnight. We are finally at the point where all three kids go to bed and stay in bed all night (unless they're sick). Yay!!! Working night shift, it seems I am always in a state of "catching up" on my sleep, so I appreciate 7 or 8 hours in a row. I know I am totally recovered of baby fever...I would not want those sleepless nights to do over again, no matter how sweet those tiny babies are.

Here are some fun pics of my kids in PJ's. I couldn't resist the matching airplane sets from The Children's Place...Elijah still thinks it's fun to have Gabe look like him (I'm so glad).

Gabe is such a booger lately about getting his picture taken. It has to be HIS idea, or else he won't cooperate. Usually, I have to bribe or threaten to actually get him to look at the camera (the trick of "Look at the bug on Mommy's head" stopped working long ago...the kid is too smart for his own good). Don't you love looking back on a photo, knowing it was preceded by "Get over here and smile or you're going to bed!"?

Isabel is my only good model, who will smile on cue and always be willing to get her photograph taken. Such a girly girl!

Have a great (rainy) Wednesday, at least here in Ohio. Good day for snuggling up with a good book, or making some handmade teacher gifts, or maybe cleaning the house...naah. I think making gifts will win out for me :)


Sojourner said...

Bath smell is so different from boy smell :0) I remember when my three boys were the same age as your was so good to have them clean and cuddly for bed :0)

Honorary Indian said...

I'm with you...I will forever dress my boys the same until they beg me not to. Precious jammie pictures.

I used to love the night shift at the hospital...peaceful...more time to talk and get to know patients...but sleeping more than 4 or 5 hours during the day was hard.

I also love the special "shout out" post to your MIL. You're lucky to have a MIL who you are close to. Mine is wonderful, but, being from a different culture (India)...well, we're just not CLOSE.

So, you are truly blessed.

Have a great rest of the week.