Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Family Portrait Day

Last Thursday was our day to get our family portrait done for the church directory. Per the photographer's instruction, we dressed in similar outfits. To avoid having to buy five new outfits, I scoured our closets to find clothes that matched. Brown and beige were the winners, and although Joe had his doubts, I thought they turned out pretty well. After running around the house in a mad rush to get everyone (including myself) ready and looking presentable and trying to get out the door to make our 5pm appointment (what was I thinking, doing this at the "witching hour" for kids...tired and hungry and not wanting to smile?), we drove to the church running every stop sign and stop light. Okay, not really, just wanted to see if you were paying attention :) We barely made it to the church (only a minute to spare) for our scheduled sitting time, to find that they were running behind and we had to wait for 35 minutes to have our photos done. No problem, right? We only have three starving kids to keep entertained and clean and happy. Ugggh! Actually, the kids did great, Gabe even cooperated, and we had a great time afterwards in front of our church taking these snapshops with my camera. I think I like these pics better than the stiff, posed pictures the photographer took. When we were all smiled-out, we took the kids to Olive Garden to celebrate their awesome report cards and ate ourselves silly! And despite my pessimistic thoughts about the photo session, we really had a great evening and made some good memories. Hope you enjoy the pics. Check out the look on the boys' faces in some of these. Hunger pains, maybe?

Mommy, age 34; Isabel, age 8; Gabriel, age 3; Elijah, age 9...equals one happy family!

Isabel and I had a lot of fun making silly poses for each other. One great thing about a digital camera...you can be goofy without worrying about wasting film if they don't turn out. These were some of my favorites :)


Honorary Indian said...

Beautiful, beautiful family. Nice color combo goin' on!!!

Okay...I must have a copy of that photo from the previous post to hang in my house. Did you take that picture? If so, would you mind please, please, PLEASE emailing it to me?!?!?!?!?!


It's is simply gorgeous (like you!).

Joe said...

We do have a beautiful family, don't we!! Just have to slow down sometimes and enjoy it.

Love you,

ric said...

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