Thursday, April 17, 2008


Not the best photograph...a little blurry and poor lighting...but I love it. I love how Isabel is trying to show Gabe where the squirrel is hiding in the tree at our church. I love the memories of this tree...from late spring through the fall, when the branches are covered with leaves that hang like a curtain around the trunk, this is a hiding spot for my kids. Every Sunday when we are leaving church, all three of them make a run for it, hiding from Joe and me and playing tag with each other. There are always squirrels trying to escape from Gabe's curious grasp, and birds flitting in and out of the branches, probably trying to scare them away from their nest. I wish we had a tree like this in our back yard, but I'm glad they have such a great time playing in this one. I know that's one fun memory they will have of our church when they are grown.

Isn't that such a big part of motherhood? Making sure your kids will have happy memories of their childhoods? It's so hard to remember that some days, when life threatens to overwhelm you with the daily grind of just maintaining a household. Then you have a beautiful day like today, when the sunshine beckons and the backyard is a place of discovery. Worms and pill bugs and birds and even wasps. Newly blossommed pink tulips and purple phlox and yellow daffodils and white sprigs of flowers on the pear tree out front. Blowing bubbles and riding bikes and walking the puppy. Finally being warm! Living in the moment and capturing it with my camera. Holding onto these moments and tucking them away in my mind, so I can pull them back out and remember. I pray that I can be a better mom this week. That I can be more patient and kind and just appreciate the little moments that are making up their childhood. That I can slow down and not feel overwhelmed. I know that God can and will answer prayer...I just hope He answers this one soon.


Honorary Indian said...

Ah, yes, the "be a better mommy" prayer. I pray it often. And, what I've discovered is that I am not a better mom for entire weeks at a time...but days...maybe hours...and that's okay because it's improvement.

I've also realized that while it's fun to take the children to expensive "memory-maker" places (theme parks, etc)...the REAL memories are made unexpectedly, together, doing little trying to catch insects in the back yard last night for today's "show-n-tell." I'm not against Sea World, but those surprise the one by your church tree...THOSE are the ones that sink deep and make an imprint on your heart and in your mind.

Way to go for having your camera ready!


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