Monday, February 4, 2008

The Strep Invasion!

Yep, it has finally reached the Kelsey home...the Strep throat invasion begins. We have avoided it for four whole years, but it seems this year there is a very contagious strain making its way around Lebanon, and Elijah is the first to fall. I am hoping that by catching it early we will avoid anyone else in the house coming down with it. Since he wouldn't let me take a picture of his throat, I had to hunt for one on the Internet. Google is a wondrous thing! So...if you or yours start to complain of a sore throat, headache, bellyache and a fever, get to your doctor right away. Thank God for amoxil!

Please say a little prayer for Elijah to feel better soon, poor baby. He is such a trooper, but he really does feel puny, and he has lost two pounds (which he can't afford to lose). God love him.

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