Friday, February 15, 2008

The Joy of a Box...

We have about three gajillion toys in our house...Legos, trains, blocks, puzzles, books, Power Rangers, Ninja Turtles, Hot Wheels...the list is endless. On this day last week, Gabe would not play with a single one of them. All he wanted to do was play in this box, watching one of his favortie movies, "Zathura". The box alternated between being his bed, his spaceship and his boat. I love this baby's imagination! Now, if he would have really fallen asleep in there, my afternoon would have been perfect. Gabe thinks he is getting too big for naps, but I disagree. Not that he even gets very crabby without one...I do! I NEED that two hours to myself in the afternoon; to read, scrapbook, clean, take a shower...whatever, as long as I am doing something by myself. So, until preschool next year, naptime is a must, whether he likes it or not! Poor Gabe, he has such a mean mommy :(

I am in such a winter funk...I can't wait for spring. This is the time every year where I just get so antsy for some warm weather. I HATE being cold, hate having to bundle up just to take the puppy out or get the mail, hate driving in the snow...God knew what He was doing putting me in Cincinnati, where at least we don't get a horrible amount of snow. I can't wait to plant some flowers in my pots on the front porch and on my deck, and watch the tulips and daffodils poke up and brave the elements. Come on, March! At least the hope of warm weather is on the horizon. Maybe I need to go to the tanning bed and get some UV cancer be damned! I need some sunlight!

Now it's off to the YMCA to burn off the pizza I ate last night! Becky is pushing to do forty minutes on the elliptical, and it's great! I love having a workout partner who is as committed as I am to get in shape! Have a great weekend!

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